Why Tailored Travel?

We've all heard the story all too often, or maybe it's even happened to us personally: too many people crammed onto a cruise ship or tour bus and herded around by an impersonal guide followed by an "exit through the gift shop" experience.  Modern travel can take the joy out of exploring new places and make a person feel like a number, not a traveler! 

But, there's a different way to travel. What if, for once, you could set your own pace and see just what you want to see? What if the trip was tailored to fit your own personal preferences and goals? We've also built free time into each day so that travelers can choose different or additional activities, or simply take some time to slow down instead of being locked into a fast-paced crunch to see and do everything. Seeing Europe this way ensures it will be a wonderful, pleasurable experience instead of a blur of checked boxes. 


Furthermore, what if you could tailor the group you were traveling with? After all, group chemistry is enormously important to a positive travel experience. What if you had the chance to meet new people, but be matched with those who share similar interests and travel styles? 

Tailored Travels allow you to craft your perfect travel experiences, not be held hostage to someone else's. If you're all about going a bit outside your comfort zone while still being comfortable, then Tailored Travels is for you.